White Cube Storage Shelving Unit


I bought two of these to fit in the space we had designated for them. I purchased a four cube shelving unit and a six cube shelving unit. The seller offers this unit in three, four, six, and eight cubes. Four, six and eight all measure the same for height while the three cube is built vertically, thus measuring taller. The width of the units worked out perfectly for our setup based on the distance we have it from the wall. Due to that distance, we can fit a diaper changing pad on top, so now it doubles as a changing station! The shelves are particleboard, and I struggled to put together without damaging the unit a little bit.

However, I struggle when it comes to putting this kind of furniture together because I tend to get impatient when assembling it. When my husband put together the second one, he did it within 30 minutes, maybe even less, without causing any damage to it. So based on my experience, if you have someone who is better versed in assembling this kind of furniture it should turn out exactly as pictured! Assembling the unit itself wasn't difficult, everything was labeled, and the instructions were clear, I just tend to struggle with these things haha. Due to the materials it is constructed of do not expect this thing to be sturdy. It sways when you push it side to side. We knew this was going to be centered right up against two large bookcases that were bolted into the studs of our wall, so the flimsiness would no longer be an issue. Once we got it wedged between the two bookshelves, it was safe for the kids to be around. Due to its height, it seems like it would have a hard time toppling over if climbed on. However please read all assembly instructions and do research before installing in your home if you have little ones. I entertained the idea of doing a custom built-in for our playroom but decided against that for several reasons. One it was expensive and two, it would limit what we could do with this room in the future. By combining all these shelving units, I was able to get the exact look I wanted for a very reasonable price!

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