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I bought these nursing bras when pregnant with my first and have worn them for all three babies! They have all lasted and are just as comfortable as the day I got them!

Before breastfeeding, I was a 34 B, (and now my breast are a 34 to the floor. LOL), and I found ordering medium in each size worked well. For the sports bra, I ordered a size up!

For my ladies who are bigger chested, #3 is going to be your best bet! A girlfriend of mine who is in this category and is currently breastfeeding recommended this one to me!

In regards to the sports bras and underwire nursing bras, please check with your lactation consultant or health care provider to make sure these will work for you. Tight bras and underwire can affect milk production in some. These components do not affect mine, so that is why I choose to wear them. Again, I have smaller breasts that need support since the life has been sucked out of them! Therefore I am more comfortable when wearing a bra that keeps it all in place.

These are personal recommendations, everyone's bodies and milk productions are different, so again, please check with your lactation consultant.