1st Birthday Decor


I used this decor for each of my boy’s first birthdays! Aside from anything that says “one” I have reused most of these items for other events other than birthdays. The Happy Birthday banner (which is from Etsy), cake stand, 3 tier serving stand, navy blue table cloth, and gold table cloth (which I fold to act as a runner) I reuse for most birthdays, especially for my sons and husband! The cake stand (the one linked is not pictured, I had to borrow one for each of my kid’s birthdays, so I ended up buying one afterward) and 3 tier serving stand I use every time I host an event. The navy blue tablecloth and gold sequin tablecloth I reuse depending on the color scheme of the party. I have also used the sequin gold tablecloth as a photo booth backdrop as well! , but you can find so many different options that are similar in style from Etsy! If you like what you see, I encourage you to purchase what sticks out to you because there are so many ways to reuse each of these items! Most of what you see is from Amazon!

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