I am Chrissy Horton and I specialize in helping busy women create Pinterest worthy looks through the convenience and affordability of Amazon! I created this site to make finding fashion, home, and events decor items from Amazon easy. With conventional blogs, you spend time endlessly scrolling and clicking with the hope of finding something you like. Inspired Fashion Finds organizes my favorite items, making it easier to find gems in the giant online store that is Amazon. You can shop by articles of clothing, outfits by occasion, home decor by room, and events decor for your next party. Now you can get the complete look you want without having to shop at a bunch of different stores to get it! Although 90% of the items on my site are from Amazon, I do showcase other things that I am passionate about, as long as they can be ordered and delivered just as conveniently. I have always been a practical shopper and have a strong belief that anyone can achieve a high-end look for a reasonable price!

Here you will find a picture directory along with my honest review of my favorite fashion and home decor finds from Amazon and a few other sites! Most of the items featured are Amazon Prime and offer free returns. I have purchased all the content you see on this site for my personal use. Although I do receive a small commission from affiliated links, I am not sponsored, nor do I represent or work for Amazon in any way. I am just a mom of two young boys and one baby girl who has a passion for affordable fashion!

Most of the time, you can find me in “athleisure wear" (or pajamas with food encrusted on them), but from time to time, I try to replicate the style I see on Pinterest. However, I try to do so without having to pay the hefty price that comes with these stylish items. In my attempt to look decent without breaking the bank, or leave the house, I began searching for products that mimicked the look and style of these Pinterest perfect items on Amazon.

I created this site to share what I thought were some cute and great finds for a very reasonable price. I hope you enjoy the content I put together and thank you for stopping by!


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Hi! I am Chrissy Horton and I created this website to make finding fashion, home and events decor items from Amazon easy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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